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A-List Games Review

Introduction - In this review we’re visiting A-List Games near Barnsley, just off the B6273 outside South Kirkby. We visited the store in early April 2023 in the early afternoon. This is about a 50 minute journey for us. A-List games Facebook page -

General impressions - A list games is a smaller stockist of Games workshop miniatures, in quite an interesting location. Twinned with a tattoo parlour in the back of the unit in what we suspected was an old pub that has since been taken over by smaller business.

There was a reasonable range of GW kits in stock at 10% off retail and we had a great time combing through the shelves to find some interesting relics, one of the group picking up a First Strike box, the 8th edition starter set from 2017 for very reasonable money. They also had some big discounts on some out of production miniatures over in the window - which was nice to see.

There was also an attached gaming space with terrain in the back.

When we visited the store it was pretty quiet, with only one other customer playing a game with the member of staff working at the time. After a little check on us to make sure we were getting on ok the member of staff left us to browse and ask any question we needed, i always appreciate it when we are allowed to browse in our own time.

After some time, and a little debating over whether I should buy an Ork boarding patrol, which was out of stock everywhere else we visited, which always makes visiting out of the way stores exciting, we made our purchases and left happy customers. I think we’ll be back to comb the shelves for great deals but unfortunately it maybe a little far for us to go for the occasional game - I would definitely recommend a visit if you are local or passing, since you might find that out of stock miniature you’ve been looking for.

Stock - The stock for the store was 99% Games workshop products aside from the single starter box of star wars legion on the shelves.

The main stock was all GW with the core items for Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar and Lord of the Rings stocked with a bit of blood bowl and other ‘Boxed games’, about 3 stands of items in total. This main line stock was peppered with a few older 2 to 4 year old kits, some not in production any more.

A-List games also stocked a fair range of GWs hobby supplies like cutters, glues, paints ETC, but this was not the complete range of paints and tools you would expect from a larger store. We found out as we’d selected our purchases that they also do a 10% discount of retail value which wasn’t shown on the boxes so we did get a little treat at checkout we may well have headed to the till with a little more to buy over all.


Gaming Space - A-List games had a pretty decent gaming space, 4 tables up when we went although they looked ever so slightly undersized for AOS and 40k. The terrain was a nice selection of painted GW scenery kits kits. Whilst it wasn't busy when we visited it may be worth getting in contact to make sure they can accommodate.

Food and Drink - A-list games didn't have any food and drink on sale when we visited.

Cleanliness - Clean and tidy throughout, a well maintained retail space

Location and Parking - The Car Park is accessed directly off the B6273 down what looks like a private drive sign posted as “The Robin Hood Estate” so keep an eye out as you drive down the road. There’s plenty of parking with no charges.

The store is off to the right of the car park though a small entrance, then the door is on the left of this as you go though.

Honestly we did then we had gotten lost when we visited but all was revealed with a bit of exploration. There was no delicate bike store.

Accessibility - The parking area was unpaved and there were a few lumps and bumps on the way to the shop. So those with limited mobility should be cautious, whilst inside it’s all on one level and easy to manoeuvre.

Final Comments - Whilst this wasn't a big bombastic super mega gaming store with all the trimmings, it did stock ​a fair range of GW minis with some little treasures to be found. Also, if you’re from the area it’s an ideal quite drivable location to get a couple of games in.

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